My name is Rocio. I am a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design with a bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Arts, Illustration and Design.


I was born in Mexico, but moved to the United States to pursue a career as an illustrator, one of my biggest passions. I have had the chance to travel around the world, and while doing so I have learned and discovered about different cultures, which can be reflected in some of my artwork.
I really hope you enjoy my page and my art!




The story behind my art

I am a  Catholic artist who uses art as a powerful tool to communicate, tell stories, and express feelings. I believe that art is the bridge that brings abstract thoughts to life in such a beautiful way. Most of my inspirations come from life in all its' fullness; it is a joy to see each canvas reflect a moment in life. I enjoy being surrounded by nature and people. I like to lose myself in nature as I pray, and I start imagining new ways to communicate God’s love to others and new ways to challenge myself as an artist.
Producing art where people can feel like they are part of the piece, is one of my biggest motivations to create. In addition, portraying scenes, in my art, that help souls dive deeper into the Catholic faith and help the human mind understand the things that can only be seen with the heart is one of my biggest joys.